Bibliography (My Published Stories)

Behold: strange fiction by DLB!

  1. “Grace” and “Homecoming” (Upcoming in Take the Mic: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance, ed. Bethany C. Morrow).
  2. Robo-Liopleurodon!” ROBOT DINOSAURS (2018)!!! Read online here!
  3. Kelsey and the Burdened Breath” (Upcoming 2018 … exciting!)
  4. The Whalebone Parrot” in The Dark Magazine (October 2017). Read online here!
  5. Worst Bargain in Town” in Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection, Volume Two. Check it out!
  6. Owl vs. The Neighborhood Watch”  in Strange Horizons (2017). Read online here!
  7. “The Famine King” in Mythic Delirium 3.3 (2017) Warning: Horror! Read online here!
  8. “Black, Their Regalia” in Lightspeed Magazine’s POC Destroy Fantasy! (2016) Read online here! SIPPY AWARD WINNER! 😀
  9. “Skinwalker, Fast-Talker” in No Sh!t, There I Was, an anthology of short speculative fiction. (2017) Goodreads page!
  10. “Their Laughing Gale” in Spirit’s Tincture Inaugural Issue (2016)
  11. “Né łe!” in Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time (2016) – Order anthology here!
  12. “When Whales Fall” The Colored Lens (2016) – Read online here
  13. “The Girl Turns West” Mirror Dance Magazine (2015)
  14. “The Sea Under Texas” Quantum Fairy Tales Issue #11 (2015) –
  15. “Nkásht íí” in Strange Horizons (2014) – Read online here, or listen to the podcast!
  16. “Siren Song” in Dark Eclipse #34 (2014)
  17. “First Ride of the Day” in Vignettes from the End of the World (2013)
  18. To Sleep in Fiction 365 (2012) – Read online here!

Behold: Nonfiction by DLB!

  1. Decolonizing Science Fiction And Imagining Futures: An Indigenous Futurisms Roundtable In Strange Horizons (Issue 30, January 2017) with Rebecca Roanhorse, Elizabeth LaPensee, and Johnnie Jae
  2.  Writer’s Manifesto: Interview With Darcie Little Badger In Cicada Magazine (July/August 2017)
  3. HopefulBright to the Rescue!: A Review of Arigon Starr’s Super Indian In Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (POC Take Over FSI, 2017, edited by Nisi Shawl).

3 thoughts on “Bibliography (My Published Stories)

  1. * Bogi Takács » Campbell award recommendations 2015

  2. Strange Horizons - Decolonizing Science Fiction And Imagining Futures: An Indigenous Futurisms Roundtable By: Rebecca Roanhorse, By: Darcie Little Badger, By: Elizabeth LaPensee, By: Johnnie Jae

  3. Hi Darcy just read some of your fabulous stories as I lay in bed waiting for the temperature to drop so I can sleep ( its 30 Celsius here in Townsville). Indea sent me links to them and I found them to be so fresh and genuine and filled with wonderful imagery. Thank you Robbi (Indea’s mum)

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