Wendigo Review-stravaganza!

Edit 11/24/2016: Yeah, so. I watched a couple movies, and one was *so* bad, I could not continue. My spirit wouldn’t let me. This was the WORST movie I’ve ever seen. I don’t mean bad in a haha so-bad-it’s-good way, either. I mean … high-budget, stomach-turning racist bad. The movie was Bone Tomahawk, and it’s not strictly about Wendigo stuff, but … ugh … I can’t. Don’t watch BT. Don’t. Worst movie ever. (End edit.)

In November, I asked Twitter:

Nobody had any recommendations. ;-; By the way, the question is still open! Please halp.

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Little Badger Reviews: Horror Anthologies #1



Clearly, I enjoy horror/dark fiction anthologies. Behold my partial collection (above), arranged on a freshly swept floor!

During this blog series, I will review ONE personal favorite story from each anthology (without spoilers)!

Why don’t I dish on the bad stuff instead? Good question! Yes, I’ve read my share of less-than-stellar stuff: stories populated by insulting stereotypes, eye-rollable twists, plot holes large enough to swallow a whale. It would be easy to fill my blog with negative critiques. However, I’d much rather help people find great reads! This series will focus on the positive by celebrating phenomenal writers and editors.

That said, today I’m going to discuss one of my favorite recent anthologies, Hauntings (2013, edited by Ellen Datlow). The cover has a bird person on it. Does it get better than that? I thoroughly enjoyed this collection, which contains works from the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. As the title suggests, a haunting atmosphere thematically links the 24 dark fantasy/horror stories, yet they’re a refreshingly diverse group, offering different literary structures, voices, and fiends. I highly, highly, highly recommend this anthology to any fan of weird, beautifully written dark fiction. Ellen Datlow yet again shines!

It was difficult to choose a favorite story from Hauntings. Too difficult! So, in review #1, I will break the rules (already X-X) and discuss a piece that made me think more than the others. Continue reading