Meeting Mister Shadow Body: another poem about sleep paralysis

Twenty years ago,
emerging from a dream
(now long forgotten),
awake but frozen –
yes, paralyzed!
(except for my eyes) –
I saw him pacing
in the hall, a phantom,
3-D silhouette,
Mister Shadow Body.
I was not scared then.
Terror came later
as he returned again
again again again.
Because Shadow Body
sightings are just
misfirings in my brain,
the more I learned
about evil,
the more evil he became.

Yes, I wrote another poem about sleep paralysis. Don’t worry, it hasn’t been bad lately, thanks to … ROSIE! At night, she scares the monsters away.

Obligatory science: During the REM cycle, when people dream, “Hypnopompic Continue reading


My Lernaean Hydra

We the Curious
are Tantalus in hell,
since every question answered
yields others, unending.
Our heads bow, made heavy,
not humble,
when the Lernaean Hydra grows, when
questions swarm and sting and coalesce
into one resounding


Or, as Emerson put it, “Knowledge is knowing that we cannot know.”