The Colors Birds See

I found the red-winged blackbird behind a pickup truck in the apartment parking lot. One wing bent and bleeding, she crowed defiantly as I approached. Blackbird stared me down with dark, round eyes, her feathered breast heaving, her mouth cracked open. It was summer in Texas, and the air near the concrete ground shimmered. I ran inside and returned with a towel and shoebox. Five minutes later, we left the parking lot in my Monte Carlo from the nineties, heading to the wildlife rehabilitation center thirty miles away. I hoped that somebody there could rescue Blackbird or, at the very least, provide a calm death. The working veterinarian gave me papers to sign, release forms that gave the center permission to treat Blackbird, as if she became mine when I interfered with nature’s plans. Continue reading

My Brother’s Wonderful and Macabre Wire Sculptures

Salvaged copper wire transforms into something fanciful; JP bends each sculpture by hand and pliers. These figures spring directly from his brain. He twisted the wire wolf, below, as we were walking in the mall.

My family’s basement has become a cluttered wonderland of copper. I love these delightful creatures. For more of his work, please visit

Happy belated birthday, little brother!


Gray wolf skeleton, a gift for my friend!


Skeletal warriors! Continue reading