Character Art: Teenage (not mutant) Mercenary Bregga!

Teenage Bregga

Before she was a knight, Sir Bregga was a teenage mercenary! Here, Nick Robles has drawn young Breg in her mercenary garb. Her sword is almost taller than she is! In the first issue of Shining Ascension, we’ll get a peek into Bregga’s past. Isn’t she a cute young’un?

Curious fact: the scarring on her face (also visible in adult Bregga pics) was caused by a smallpox-like virus that spread through her home country.


Bricius, the Poet’s Son


Earlier this week, I posted concept art for Bricius and his brothers, three characters from the Shining Ascension series. Above, artist Nick Robles has rendered Bricius in the comic’s visual style. Yep, SA will be a painted comic, much like Nick’s other work on “Clockwork Angels” (reviewed here by USA Today). Nick has a splendid eye for color, and he also did a lovely job capturing Bricius’s grumpy personality. ❤



Comic Book Teaser: The Brothers Three

Nick Robles has created more glorious character art for Shining Ascension. Nick, you’re awesome! ❤

Brothers Three

Maedoc the King’s Son (ax), Caratacos the Magician’s Son (spear), and Bricius the Poet’s Son (crouching) meet Bregga during her quest. Are they friends or foes? You’ll have to read the comic to find out! 😀

The half-brothers will appear in the Shining Ascension series, coming to the Internet early 2015.

Sneak Peek: Action on the Stormy Sea!

Fight!Breg defends a ship the only way she knows how: like a boss. This partial battle scene was illustrated by the exceptional Nick Robles. The rest of the action has been cut because it contains spoilers for the upcoming comic book series, Shining Ascension! As the deadline nears, I’ll be posting oodles of art and some teasers for the plot! Stay tuned ❤ Click on the pic for better resolution.

Comic Book Sneak Peek (Again!): Bregga and Faatin

The exceptional Nick Robles ( has illustrated Faatin and Sir Bregga, the dynamic duo in a forthcoming comic book project (code name = Shining Ascension). Nick, whose most recent work includes the steampunk miniseries Clockwork Angels (RUSH), will tentatively be the primary artist. This means he’ll ink and color every page! Click on the image to view the full resolution version.

Sir Bregga (left) and Faatin (right) having a spirited chat.

Sir Bregga (left) and Faatin (right) having a spirited chat.

This illustration is one of my favorites, because it portrays the sweet companionship between Bregga and Faatin, two women whose paths entwine and result in tons of adventures. We’re set to begin production November/December of this year, so stay tuned for more updates, including character bios, plot teasers, and more art! ❤

Sneak Peek: Comic Book Concept Art

The wonderful Just Jingles ( has finished a portrait of Faatin and Sir Bregga, two protagonists in a forthcoming comic book project Jara and I will be publishing next year. Expect magic, action, intrigue, kickass women, and maybe a little romance in this fantastical series! With the script and rough layout finished for issue one, we’re well on our way.

More to come soon! ❤

Faatin (left) and Sir Bregga (right)