2017 Short Story Roundup!

It’s 2018, y’all! That means …


In 2017, I published three short stories. Woo! Subjects include DEFYING BIG OWL, HARBINGER OF DOOM, VERY BAD WENDIGO MOVIES, and APACHE VICTORIAN GHOSTS! Word lengths range from about 3400 to 5000 words, they’re eligible for the Nebula, Hugo, and other awards for short spec fiction. Let’s round ’em up!



Mythic Delirium

Story link: https://mythicdelirium.com/featured-story-•-february-2017

Irene is tormented.
By her guilt.
By her desire.
By the shadows and the voices.
And by a sinister new wendigo movie called THE FAMINE KING.

This is one heck of a weird story, and I love it. The monster is literally a bad wendigo movie.

It begins: I was a seven-year-old prisoner of sleep paralysis. My eyes, which could move side to side like marbles in a doll’s head, observed a human silhouette behind the closed bedroom window. Face pressed against the glass, it said, “Hey, Irene. I have a secret for you. People rarely starve like they used to.” 

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The Dark Issue 29


The Dark

Story link: http://thedarkmagazine.com/the-whalebone-parrot/
Podcast link: http://thedarkmagazine.com/?powerpress_pinw=2712-podcast

Can two Apache sisters and their kitten survive the most haunted island in the North Atlantic? A story of loss, family, and tragedies befitting the Reef of Norman’s Woe.

I discuss the bleak history underlying Emily’s story in this thread:

It begins:

[Emily Riddell’s Journal]

June 26th 18–– A.D.

Today, on a teetering skiff, I reached Whalebone Island. Mister Franklin crosses the inlet twice a month to deliver mail and supplies. In three years, he has never seen Loretta’s face. She hides behind a veil.


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The Whalebone Parrot was also reviewed by A.C. Wise in Apex Magazine’s “Words for Thought”: https://www.apex-magazine.com/words-for-thought-october-2017/



Strange Horizons

Story link: http://strangehorizons.com/fiction/owl-vs-the-neighborhood-watch/
Podcast link: http://strangehorizons.com/podcasts/podcast-owl-vs-the-neighborhood-watch/

When Big Owl, harbinger of doom, moves into her little Appalachian neighborhood, a professor races the clock to stop the doom He portends …

This story is a meditation on hope. It also features Big Owl, one of my favorite morally ambiguous creatures.

Owl vs. The Neighborhood Watch was reviewed by Charles Payseur in Quick Sip Reviews: http://quicksipreviews.blogspot.com/2017/08/the-monthly-round-july-2017.html

It begins: When Nina first met Owl-with-a-capital-O, harbinger of death, destruction, and despair, He resembled Athene cunicularia, a wee burrower. Owl perched on a twig outside her bedroom window as Nina toiled over seventh grade geometry homework. Between questions eleven and twelve, she glanced outside; yellow eyes met brown.

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CW: Attempted suicide (by a member of the main character’s family) is briefly mentioned.


Weeeelll that’s it for short fiction. Stay tuned for my PUBLISHED COMICS POST next week! ❤ Thank you for reading.


Decolonizing Science Fiction And Imagining Futures: An Indigenous Futurisms Roundtable

FYI, I participated in this incredible roundtable discussion for Strange Horizons. We talk about Indigenous science, comic conventions, certain indefensible failures of mainstream SFF, hopeful futures, and more! Check it out:

Decolonizing Science Fiction And Imagining Futures: An Indigenous Futurisms Roundtable In Strange Horizons (Issue 30, January 2017) with Rebecca Roanhorse, Elizabeth LaPensee, and Johnnie Jae

It’s a Steampunk Universe … Unless You’re an Indigenous American

EDIT 2/29/2016: Publisher Steven Saus has responded to my and other criticisms (particularly regarding use of the term “exceptionalities”) about the Steampunk Universe call to submissions. Happily, changes have been made. The updated call is here: http://steampunkuniverse.alliterationink.com

My faith in the project has been restored, and I encourage diverse writers to submit their stories. If you have further concerns, please don’t be afraid to speak. You and your voice are important; based on my experience today, I feel that the publisher and editor of Steampunk Universe respect that.

Please bear in mind that the views in this post are mine and mine alone. I do not speak for all Lipan Apache people; I certainly don’t speak for all indigenous Americans. Continue reading

Interview: Darcie Little Badger

Asexual Artists

Today we’re joined by Darcie Little Badger.  Darcie is a wonderfully talented Apache writer who writes short fiction in the the horror and dark fantasy genres.  Her work has recently appeared in Strange Horizons, Vignettes from the End of the World, and Dark Eclipse.  My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.



Please, tell us about your art.

I write speculative fiction, stories from my daydreams and nightmares. Favorite genres include horror, dark fantasy, and fantasy. Though my published work is all short-form (< 10,000 words per story), I’ve been planning a humor/mystery/horror novel for several years; that project will begin in earnest after I complete my scientific dissertation. By day, I study phytoplankton genes.

What inspires you?

Besides those pesky daydreams and nightmares, my greatest inspirations are other authors. I read horror fiction nightly – haunting lullabies! When something really…

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Comic Book Teaser: The Brothers Three

Nick Robles has created more glorious character art for Shining Ascension. Nick, you’re awesome! ❤

Brothers Three

Maedoc the King’s Son (ax), Caratacos the Magician’s Son (spear), and Bricius the Poet’s Son (crouching) meet Bregga during her quest. Are they friends or foes? You’ll have to read the comic to find out! 😀

The half-brothers will appear in the Shining Ascension series, coming to the Internet early 2015.