Wendigo Review-stravaganza!

Edit 11/24/2016: Yeah, so. I watched a couple movies, and one was *so* bad, I could not continue. My spirit wouldn’t let me. This was the WORST movie I’ve ever seen. I don’t mean bad in a haha so-bad-it’s-good way, either. I mean … high-budget, stomach-turning racist bad. The movie was Bone Tomahawk, and it’s not strictly about Wendigo stuff, but … ugh … I can’t. Don’t watch BT. Don’t. Worst movie ever. (End edit.)

In November, I asked Twitter:

Nobody had any recommendations. ;-; By the way, the question is still open! Please halp.

Then, THIS happened!

Yes, my short story, “The Famine King,” will appear in Mythic Delirium 3.3 this year. To celebrate, I’ll be reviewing fiction, film, television, and games that feature the country’s most infamous cannibalistic creature, beginning with an episode of Fear Itself, “Skin and Bones” (2008). I’ll rate media based on three categories:

  1. Portrayal of Native American characters
  2. Scare factor
  3. The monster

Basically, this is just a chance for me to read/watch a bunch of scary stuff. Stay tuned!


Screenshot from “Skin and Bones” (Fear Itself, 2008). It’s basically a 1-hour ad for ChapStick.


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