ANGRY HAIKU #1 and #2 – Flat Pillows and Fair-weather Friends

Today, I learned that people enjoy writing angry haikus to release their pent-up frustration. Maybe I should give it a go.

Flat Pillows

My cheap pillow sinks
beneath my heavy nightmares,
so now my neck hurts.

True story, although my big head is probably more culpable than my dreams.

Fair-weather Friends

Damn fair-weather friends
to the ninth circle of hell
with other traitors!!!


Wow, that was too angry. I even used a peeved little emoticon and three exclamation points.

EDIT: I declare that all my current friends are wonderful people, and the haiku above is written in jest. Yea verily.

When you recite angry haikus, feel free to shout. Maybe I should write the next ones in caps.

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