A Night at the Haunted Menger Hotel

For a blog called “Little Badger Diary,” this place lacks autobiographical posts. That oversight changes today!

San Antonio has a decent share of legendary ghosts and haunted buildings. To celebrate the year’s end, my father and I took a late-night tour (Sisters Grimm Dinner and Ghost Tour) of haunted historical San Antonio. Wearing a black dress with petticoats, our charming guide led us from the Alamo to a prison-turned-Holiday Inn. The whole experience took four hours, including dinner, and was well worth the fee. Here are some highlights of the night, captured by my dad’s Kodak EasyShare C330 (2005)! I modded the camera with a SpectralFind lens. The SpectralFind lens is a must-have for any ghost/cryptid hunter, since it amplifies the preternatural waves that are emitted by spirits and Bigfoot eyes.


Sallie White, a regular ghost at the Menger, often walks through this hall. A former chambermaid, she sometimes enters rooms at night and cleans, to the horror of sleeping guests. I hope she followed me home, because my house is messy.


Here is a ledger that’s displayed in the lobby. Sallie was so beloved, the hotel paid for all her funeral expenses. The ledger reads: To cash paid for coffin for Sallie White, col’d, chambermaid, deceased, murdered by her husband, shot Mar 28, died Mar 30th, 2500 ($25.00), for grave 700 ($7.00)


Here, I stand outside the infamous KING RANCH SUITE. Captain Richard King lived in room 2052 during his final years – in fact, he died there April 1885. My guide says that King haunts the room and cries when women intrude in his special suite … which is why I’m happily intruding in this picture 😛 His ghost gets confused by modern plumbing, so the shower in 2052 often malfunctions. By that logic, I guess my apartment has a confused poltergeist in it, too!


Menger exterior – how many ghosts and/or Bigfoots can you see?


A light show played across the San Fernando Cathedral as we approached.


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