The world of Shining Ascension is occupied by three socially and geographically distinct people (nyx, Na-Denei, and human). The nyx live in northern Kumari-Kadam‏, among rainforests and labyrinthine cave systems  …

Nyx woman (right) sharing a tender moment with her friend. For obvious reasons, Nyx do not kiss. Art by Nick Robles


Nyx cannot cast spells or perform telepathic feats like the humans and Na-Denei. However, with complex runes and metallography, they create and use magical artifacts.

Of the three peoples, nyx have made the most scientific advancements. A combination of rigorous teaching programs and artifact development has allowed them to study everything from distant galaxies to microbes. Accomplished biologists, astronomers, and chemists are highly respected within nyx society.


Nyx typically live in groups of friends, called social clubs, which contain between three to fifty individuals. Though it’s possible to switch clubs, most individuals stay with the same group until death. Monogamy is rare, and clubs raise children communally. Youths remain with their mother and her friends until puberty; between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, youngsters leave the nest to learn a trade and find their own club.


Among fashion-forward nyx, it’s chic to paint one’s body with long-lasting berry ink and wear shiny living beetles. Jewelry crafted from amber that encases prehistoric insects is in high demand. Generally, nyx do not wear shirts/cloaks/anything that covers the upper torso.


There are two forms of justice in nyx society: vigilante and trial-based. The former is officially discouraged but still prominent. Minor crimes incur punishments ranging from fees to manual labor. Individuals accused of serious crimes, such as murder, are interrogated with lie detection artifacts. After the confirmation of guilt, they’re promptly executed.


2 thoughts on “Nyx

    • I should change that to “nyx can’t make out mang because their teeth are too pointy, unless you’re feeling dangerous” They can do simple kisses on the cheek/whathaveyou with their skinny lips. Their teeth aren’t always visible, like in the picture here, but they often flash them at people to show off.

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