Comic Book Preview: Sir Vars!

Sir Vars

Charming, crafty, and hella magical, SIR VARS is going places. But can this fledgeling knight be trusted? Vars (illustrated by Nick Robles) is part of the Shining Ascension cast. Issue 1 will be out early 2015! More updates coming soon! Click the image for a higher resolution.


The Colors Birds See

I found the red-winged blackbird behind a pickup truck in the apartment parking lot. One wing bent and bleeding, she crowed defiantly as I approached. Blackbird stared me down with dark, round eyes, her feathered breast heaving, her mouth cracked open. It was summer in Texas, and the air near the concrete ground shimmered. I ran inside and returned with a towel and shoebox. Five minutes later, we left the parking lot in my Monte Carlo from the nineties, heading to the wildlife rehabilitation center thirty miles away. I hoped that somebody there could rescue Blackbird or, at the very least, provide a calm death. The working veterinarian gave me papers to sign, release forms that gave the center permission to treat Blackbird, as if she became mine when I interfered with nature’s plans. Continue reading

Comic Book Sneak Peek (Again!): Bregga and Faatin

The exceptional Nick Robles ( has illustrated Faatin and Sir Bregga, the dynamic duo in a forthcoming comic book project (code name = Shining Ascension). Nick, whose most recent work includes the steampunk miniseries Clockwork Angels (RUSH), will tentatively be the primary artist. This means he’ll ink and color every page! Click on the image to view the full resolution version.

Sir Bregga (left) and Faatin (right) having a spirited chat.

Sir Bregga (left) and Faatin (right) having a spirited chat.

This illustration is one of my favorites, because it portrays the sweet companionship between Bregga and Faatin, two women whose paths entwine and result in tons of adventures. We’re set to begin production November/December of this year, so stay tuned for more updates, including character bios, plot teasers, and more art! ❤

Sneak Peek: Comic Book Concept Art

The wonderful Just Jingles ( has finished a portrait of Faatin and Sir Bregga, two protagonists in a forthcoming comic book project Jara and I will be publishing next year. Expect magic, action, intrigue, kickass women, and maybe a little romance in this fantastical series! With the script and rough layout finished for issue one, we’re well on our way.

More to come soon! ❤

Faatin (left) and Sir Bregga (right)