March Fiction Updates

Today, I returned suggested edits for my 3900-word short story, “Siren Song.” Time to wait for news about that … and make word clouds with Wordle!!! Below is a cloud generated from “First Ride of the Day,” a 400-word mini piece that will appear in the fabulous, apocalyptic Vignettes from the End of the World, an Apokrupha anthology.

I wrote “First Ride of the Day” in an amusement park. My bestest friend was standing in line for the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Coaster, a 167-foot-tall nightmare with neon orange tracks. It was October, just two days before the Rip Ride Rockit malfunctioned and stranded twelve people for three hours.

Anyway, as my friend partook in daredevil fun, I wondered: what’s more nerve-wrecking than the slow climb up a roller coaster hill? What if the apocalypse started mid-climb? Oooh. Spooky.

Word Cloud First Ride of the Day


My Brother’s Wonderful and Macabre Wire Sculptures

Salvaged copper wire transforms into something fanciful; JP bends each sculpture by hand and pliers. These figures spring directly from his brain. He twisted the wire wolf, below, as we were walking in the mall.

My family’s basement has become a cluttered wonderland of copper. I love these delightful creatures. For more of his work, please visit

Happy belated birthday, little brother!


Gray wolf skeleton, a gift for my friend!


Skeletal warriors! Continue reading